Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Grim east coast forecasts ending the sea kayak fishing season

Oh dear.  If you will go putting all your sea bass eggs in the end of season basket, prepare to lose half of them when Mother Nature dumps several weeks worth of autumnal storms on your favourite beaches.  In my last post I talked about leaving the bass fishing on the kayak until Sept / Oct can mean that you end up with the same catches overall as you would have had if you'd gone for more trips in the less productive summer months.

But of course for that calculation to work, you have to be able to get out in the kayak.  For the last few weeks the wind charts on windguru have looked like this:
There's far too much magenta on that chart for the next week!  And there's every chance that the week after will follow the same pattern.  Even if the winds subside, the sea will take a good few days to clear.

So was my last trip the final trip of the year?  Let's hope not.  It'll mean I ended up with very few sea bass this year, despite a bonanza year for cod and pollack.  I still hold out hope of one last trip while I can cycle to work without gloves, but every day more and more leaves are falling while each morning I wake up it's darker and colder...

and once the gloves come on, that's me done with sea kayak fishing for the winter!

Tight lines for those able to get out (you lucky south and west coast people!).

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