Friday, 11 March 2011

This is what it's all about!


Amazing bit of footage showing a guy catching a 5kg bass in heavy surf on a rocky, rugged coastline in Portugal.  Very difficult fishing conditions, hard to get up to the water's edge, and the surf is big and unpredictable.  Notice the guy's wetsuit....  this isn't somewhere for little short rods and short casts - or even kayaks!  This guy needs his rod of 3.6m, as you need a long cast and the ability to keep that rod up high so the line isn't caught up on the rocks in the foreground.  Quality of the video is a bit limited, but watch how he guides the bass in-between the rocks to land it.  Long rods for rough conditions - sometimes you need a big weapon!

And I love how happy the guy is at catching a big bass!

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