Sunday, 11 September 2011

Death of a waterproof reel

Some of you may remember the high hopes I held for a relatively cheap waterproof reel from Italian tackle company Alcedo, the "Aluminium MTC".   Sadly those hopes were dashed last week when after a gap of a few weeks I took the reel out of my tackle bag and found that it had completely seized up.  I couldn't even turn the handle! 

The spool also seems to have jammed on and the reel is in a pretty sorry state.  So it seems that it failed to even last a single season of sea kayak fishing.  The photograph below shows what looks like some form of corrosion, even though the reel body is claimed to be aluminium.  From the seal there, it looks to me like sea water got into the casing somehow, so the company's claim that the reel is waterproof doesn't look too good:
Warranty seal intact, unlike the case seal from the look of things..
But the reel is boxed up and ready to return.  We'll see if I get a replacement and if it lasts any longer.  It could be that I had a bad one, or it could be that they just aren't tough enough for sea kayak fishing. 

Luckily I still have  a cheap "chuck at the end of the season" reel to fall back on.  Disappointed with the Alcedo though.


  1. I've had terrible experiences with so called water tight reels. A Mitchel in my case. Got to be Shimano or Daiwa.

    Happy Fishing. Frank

  2. Well I had a saltwater Daiwa fail on me in just the same way - sea water gets inside and corrodes the gear mechanism. Eventually it starts to stiffen, then jam, then it requires a complete overhaul.

    Unfortunately I can't go the way of a Van Staal or similar - there's just too high a risk of losing one over the side!

  3. I see your point.

    In northern Spain (if not all Spain) Daiwa has vertually no post vend service. Shimano SW series is working well and have an excellent post vend service ( Van Staal or Ryobi are well out of my reach.

    Thanks. Frank

  4. Interesting.

    Shame Shimano don't make a cheap waterproof reel!!

    The SW Stella are nearly as expensive as Van Staal aren't they?

  5. Right now there's a price war going on here. Twin Power 5000 SW 450€ Stella 5000 SW 600€


  6. Here's a link you can look at.
    I can get them cheeper however if customs get hold of it your...

    I did it with my brother in Wallington, Surrey


  7. Thanks for the offer Frank - but that's still too much money to lose overboard!

    You never know, maybe Alcedo will give me a replacement reel every year for the next 4 years?!

  8. That's good reasoning. Shimano are brining other SW reels for 2012 EG. Biomaster and others. No idea on price yet.

    By the way, why don't you try attaching a curl cord to the bottom of the rod. Many people do it here. It's a little uncomfortable but secure.

    Happy kayaking. Frank

  9. I tried, but it just annoys me when I'm casting!

    So far no reply from Alcedo, so I'm in the market for a new reel...

    I'll definitely check out Shimano's new SW range.

    Cheers, Kester.

  10. Hola Kester,yo tambien opino como mi amigo Frank,Daiwa y Shimano tienen buenos carretes,pero si el problema es que te entra agua dentro de los carretes,por que no consigues una buena bolsa estanca para proteger los carretes,pienso yo.
    Un Abrazo.

  11. Hiya Juanrra - thanks for the suggestion, so you mean I should put the reel in a waterproof bag while paddling, when the rod is in the rod holder?

    That might work, as te problem is when I you are kayaking, wherever you put the reel it will get splashed either by waves or your paddling. Even in the rod holders, sometimes a wave will come right over and soak the reel.

    But messing about with a bag would also be a hassle on the kayak. You'd have to keep it dry, stop it getting blown off in the wind, etc!!

  12. Hola Kester,ya se nota que no tengo un kayak,intentaba ayudar,ya sabes.
    Tienes razon no lo habia pensado asi,venga otro dia intentare ser mas util,mientras tanto.
    Un Abrazo.

  13. Hi Juanrra

    Thanks for the suggestions - it always great to hear advice from a fellow fisherman!

    Tight lines: :)

  14. Here's yer sign....."after a gap of a few weeks I took the reel out of my tackle bag..."

    NASA in conjunction with the WORLD couldn't make a aluminum reel that can be used and dumped in a bag to rot for a few weeks.

    The best you could do is SPEND BIG MONEY and get a Zeebaas, or maybe a Van Staal. And then, you'll take care because it cost you so much.


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