Monday, 5 September 2011

Teaser for Duo..

It's always nice to receive a cardboard box from Japan, and it's even better when it contains goodies from Duo!  Thought you guys would like to see what plugs are going to get reviewed in the coming weeks, so here's a little teaser...

First up will be the battle between dark and light colours.  I've chosen two models of the Tide Minnow Slim 120.  The first is a pale rainbow silver, a colour that traditionally does well here, particularly for lures that are high up in the water column.  The second is part of a new trend we are seeing for darker outlines to lures.  Both models are identical apart from their colours, so it'll be a good test to see if certain conditions favour one colour or the other.  Of course, I'll be giving you the all the details on how well they cast and how their action compares to other similar lures.

The second review will be slightly different, in that we'll take two similar plugs and focus on size as the success factor.  The plugs I've chosen are again part of the new wave of Japanese plugs designed to run just under the surface.  We've seen several manufacturers come up with lures in this mode, such as the IMA Komomo II and Tacklehouse FeedShallow.  But I'm very excited by the look and shape of these two models of the Terrrif range from Duo.  As you can see, I've specifically excluded colour from this test so we can concentrate on size and action.  The DC-9 Bullet and the DC-12 Type 1 don't have identical body shapes, actions and depths, as the latter runs a little deeper than the wider bodied DC-9, but this is going to be a very interesting test as this type of lure is very popular with UK bass anglers.

Now for the bad news, there won't be any fishing for at least a week!  One look at the surf forecast from Windguru below for the coming 5 days shows impossible sea kayaking conditions - but isn't it always like that when you're itching to go fishing?!


  1. Hola Kester,menudas golosinas has recibido,ahora toca mojarlas y disfrutar,espero seguro que te daran buenos momentos.
    Un Abrazo.

  2. Ha ha! :-)

    Yes, I hope so too - but first I need the weather to calm down!

    Cheers and tight lines.

  3. nice goodies. I'm specially interested in those "terrif" they look like shallow lures (correct me if I'm wrong).

    As far as the weather, tell me about it! I've been stuck indoors for nearly a week! More the wind than rough seas although 3 metre waves do tend to soak!
    Carlos went the other day and was successful (5 - 6 kg)He lives across the bay from me but has enough weight to handle a strong wave whereas I'm a fly weight and would be washed away like a leaf.
    Hope things change so you can tell us about that box you received.

    Happy fishing. Frank

  4. Hi Frank

    Yes, the Terrif are a nice lure, I did manage to get out for one quick session last week and I'll put the report up soon. Didn't try the smaller version, but the bigger looks similar to a Feed Shallow in the water, perhaps a bit more subtle.

    Unfortunately the conditions were very difficult and not many bass were about.

    Sounds like your weather is as bad as ours!

    Tight lines.


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