Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wrapping jig

Now, there are many fancy wrapping jigs out there for helping you whip rod eyes to the blank, some with multiple adjustable features and thread tensioners, and there are even power wrappers and complex jigs for doing artful cross wraps.  All of them cost a pretty penny or two.

As a Yorkshireman, typically as tight as a duck's arse when it comes to spending his pennies, I had a quick look at what could be bought and decided I could knock up something half way there for a couple of quid!

Voilà!  Quick bit of tomfoolery with my circular saw and and a piece of old cherry floor boarding:
Basically a single floorboard cut into 3 bits, two of them with 'V' cuts and a bit of  sticky-backed soft bit of velcro, available at my local hardware store for £1.50 a metre.
Handy for me, the floor boards come with two grooves down them, making it simple to add some  flexibility in terms of the span.  Bits of old bike tire inner tube stop it moving about. 
Now, where is the the thread tensioner you may ask? Well, I've always whipped rings on in the past by holding the bobbin of silk in my hand. But as a fly tier from my trout fishing childhood I have the option of just using a bobbin holder and letting it hang down from the rod.  Another even simpler option is Tom Kirkam's suggestion of using a couple of books and glass. The bobbin of thread sits in the glass, and the thread is simply passed between the books. Heavier the books, the more tension on your thread - simple eh?!  

Though in my (limited) experience, I've found it better to actually try and make sure I don't put too much tension on a  thread when doing wraps. It's always handy to have a bit of leeway to move them about with your fingernail and close them up a little. Sometimes if they're whipped on really tight you can't shift them

But before I get anywhere near doing my first wrap, I first need to varnish the rod and glue the reel seat in place.  Watch this space!

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