Thursday, 19 January 2012

Zombie lures?

Well, I for one had some of the best Christmas crackers I've ever seen this year.  And guess what, inside my cracker our guests had put a Japanese bass plug!  But wait... what is this?
My only experience with Ryobi in the past was with a fixed spool reel around the age of 13.  It fell to bits within weeks, and I moved onto Abu Garcia and that was that.  Fast forward 20 years and I was cajoled into buying a cordless Ryobi Hedge Trimmer and Strimmer.  Despite my previous bad experience and suspicious nature, I relented and we bought it.  It turned out to be a hopelessly underpowered piece of kit. I still have it.  The hedge trimmer will just about tackle a few feet of winter flowering jasmine before giving up in despair at the clematis.  So, you can imagine my foreboding when a gift in the form of a "Japanese" Ryobi sea bass plug fell out of my Christmas cracker!  Still mustn't judge a book by its cover, or look a gift horse in the mouth, etc. etc...
On first appearances, the plug looks like a straight copy of something familiar, such as the IMA Komomo II, a Feedshallow or the Duo Terrif. But on closer inspection it seems to be a strange mix of all of them.
Then on an even closer look at the packaging, the outward appearance to be Japanese is discretely defined as "Designed and engineered in Japan" with "Japanese Owner" hooks.  I'd love to believe even that, but I don't:
I've certainly never seen rust on a brand new Owner treble hook before, and I can't imagine it lasting in salt water long. But there's a first for everything - who knows, it might yet turn out to be a killer sea bass plug.

Anyone out there have experience of this plug?

Tight lines for those fishing.


  1. Ryobi company do not produce lure. It's a fake. On the other hand i have one of them. It catch a mediteranian baracuda but not a seabass.

  2. Thanks for the info - I was pretty suspicious about it, but what can you do? It was a Christmas present!!

    Might be one to take the treble hooks off and give to my little boy to play with in the bath. :-)

  3. You have to try it!!... might be lethal.


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