Monday, 23 April 2012

First catch report = first catchless report!

Well, after several weeks of heavy rain storms, the weather calmed a little to let us try a speculative trip in the yaks north of Whitby.  April storms can be tricky conditions to predict, and sudden squalls when you're a good distance off-shore can rapidly turn unpleasant.  So we kept a eye out for approaching clouds but it turned out the day was fine.

Fine weather wise.  Fish wise it was a disaster!  I can't remember the last time I went out in a kayak and caught nothing.  Seriously, it's probably two years at least since I had zero fish on an outing.  I'd pretty much assumed the days of blanking were over!!

Oh well.  The weather was glorious, as was the scenery.
We fished over low tide.  There seemed to be hardly any current out there at times, even after slack water should have passed, despite the fact is was a fairly big tide.  Very strange conditions.  Added to that, the water was like pea soup.  Horrible.  Probably as a result of all the freshwater run off from the heavy rains we've been having.  You can see the colour of it below:
Tried with various hokkais bottomed by big paddletail shads and various soft plastic grubs.  But I don't think there was a fish to be had for miles around.  Or perhaps they were just not interested.  There was no bird life out there, no diving birds or seals to follow.  After a few hours, we called it a day, and paddled about admiring the scenery.

Still, the first trip always has that "fool's day out" feel to it, as there's generally things you've forgotten or that need fixing from being laid aside over winter.  Hopefully I'll be better prepared as a result of the paddle.  Bring on the summer!

Tight lines to those fishing.


  1. At least you got out on the yak Kes - more than I can say this year! Fishing does seem to be a bit slow at the minute judging by reports. Hopefully the next few weeks that will change...

  2. I'm pretty sure it was down to the onset of the "May bloom" we get up here. In the spring after heavy rain, all the nitrates are washed down into the sea and it makes go cloudy with an algal bloom. Seems to kill the fishing stone dead, but it passes after a few weeks.

    Last year we were lucky enough to get out before it and did really well with the cod. This year we missed the fine weather in March, then the rains came and now we've got the bloom starting! Grrr!!!


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