Monday, 27 August 2012

Fantastic video of cod fishing with Savage Gear Sandeels

Once in a while, a great lure comes on the scene that can really change the way fishermen approach their tried and trusted methods.  I think that cod fishing is due an update that gives some respect to the fish as a sporting species.  I've had plenty of fishermen laugh when I suggested that cod fight hard on light tackle.  "Like a big plastic bag, you mean?" is the usual response.  And for the majority of them, fishing with those curiously British broom handles known as boat rods, they just winch up them unaware that a fish is struggling below.

But a cod can put up plenty of spirit if you give it chance.  Savage Gear now produce a fantastic range of soft plastic sandeel that comes in weights heavy enough to jig on their own (i.e. ~100g), even in a fast drifting kayak.

If you want to see how to fish for cod using light tackle (standard spinning rod and fixed spool), jigging with single sandeel, then check out this nice video below from Savage Gear's Mads Grosell.  He shows how fishing for cod in relatively shallow water with very light tackle is great sport.  His experience is one that chimes with mine on the kayak.  Fish a bit lighter, using braid and a single lure, and cod suddenly become a fish that fights harder than you might imagine.  Mads uses pretty much the same set up I do: 30lb braid, with a 9.2kg Amnesia leader (you need this for abrasion resistance against sand-encrusted pot ropes and the like).  Heavy duty snap and then your weighted soft plastic.  The 100g sandeels from Savage Gear really look the business - but check out just how light Mads goes and still catches good sized cod:
This approach to jigging for cod is perfect for us sea kayak anglers - now's the time to ditch those old pirks once and for all!  I've been using it since last year, and this year I've had plenty of cod and pollack to the the lure.  Sometimes you can even hold it the current and actually feel the fish biting it - they seem to think it's a real fish.  At about £8 for the 100g model containing one jig head and two bodies, the cost is only fractionally more than a traditional pirk.  In my mind, these new soft plastics will always out fish them, and Savage Gear should be commended for making a great, great lure.

Tight lines.

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