Tuesday, 2 October 2012

New Duo contest - suggest a new lure!

Duo are running a slightly different competition to their previous ones. This time, they're asking anglers to suggest a new lure for Duo to make.  The rules are the same as previous competitions: you need to be fans at http://www.facebook.com/DUOJPN and the answers should be sent to duocontest@gmail.com   You'll need to check that they don't already make a lure of the same type, colour, etc. before you send in your suggestions.

Martin at Duo asked me to suggest what I'd like to see added to the Duo range.  I've been using an increasing number of soft lures recently. Partly because they catch well, they're cheap, and they often have just a single hook, which makes unhooking a lively fish much easier in a kayak. However, although there are some excellent methods of rigging soft lures to be weedless, the majority of them tend to cast poorly and sink too quickly.  If you want sufficient weight for distance casting, then you will have a lure that fishes near the bottom.

So I'd like to see Duo come up with a new type of soft lure, one that fishes near or in the subsurface region.  I'd like it still to be single hook and I'd like it to cast well.  If it can be fished up near the surface, then it doesn't need to be capable of being rigged weedless.  I'd like the lure head to be realistically detailed, preferably as a sandeel or similar bait fish.  This would point to a combination type lure: half hard, half soft.  The hard head could provide buoyancy and action, the soft body would provide realism and possibly weedless rigging.  Perhaps a jointed lure? But such a lure would still have the problem of getting good distances when casting.

I don't know if such a combination hard / soft lure can be made, but if anyone has the expertise, it's Mr. Adachi, the chief designer at Duo!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed....  ;-)

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