Friday, 25 May 2012

May Bloom

Well, would you believe it?  Lightning struck twice this year, with our second fishless trip in a row.  A miserable first ever for me!!  Still, I was a little doubtful as we get the "May bloom" every year, and we know that every year it kills the fishing stone dead.  The water goes a thick green with algal growth, it's full of bits and generally fishless.  There were flocks of guillemots, gannets and the odd brace of puffins flying past us all day and heading north, presumably to somewhere the bloom either hasn't started or is finished!  Still, it was a lovely day, just slightly marred by the sea mists that plague the Yorkshire coast at this time of year.
Kettleness shrouded in the swirling mists.
The fog banks happens as the land rapidly heats up following a few hot days in May.  Warm air off the land meets the cold air coming off the still cold North Sea.  Result is a bank of fog right along the coastal strip.  Sometimes it starts at the beach, sometimes it's further out to sea, and it generally extends inland up to a mile.  This can be very disorientating while at sea, as it moves around.  One moment the beach is clearly in view, the fog is behind you.  Next it's around and in front of you, and your landmarks have vanished!
Now you see it...
The fact it's foggy doesn't mean they'll be no wind.  And a heavy swell can spell trouble around headlands where the sea shallows suddenly, causing breakers.  As fog descends, these breakers sound closer but you can no longer tell exactly where they or you are, so you need to keep an eye on what's happening around you.  A GPS is invaluable at times like this, but if you don't have one, you can generally make your way towards what you think is the shore and follow it back towards the landing site, carefully watching out for breakers forming ahead of you.
...hey, where'd everything go?
Other than the fog, the May bloom and the lack of fish, it was a great trip!  But when you set out to catch fish, somehow no matter what the day is like, no fish is no fish and no amount of sunshine and blue skies will make up for that!

Tight lines everybody for the season ahead.


  1. Sounds hard going at the moment Kester.... hopefully better days are not far away in your neck of the woods. Starting to pick up down south so it shouldn't be long now! Tight lines.

  2. joder todo un reto navegar por esas aguas un saludo desde españa

  3. Cheers Roni - luckily the mists only last for a few weeks in the early summer. Fingers crossed the weather is kind to us this year!


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